En Route Library!

Gliding into its fourth year, projet MOBILIVRE/BOOKMOBILE project is a touring exhibition of artist books, zines and independent publications that will deliver nearly 300 works to a variety of venues in Canada and the US by way of a vintage Airstream trailer. Steered by a collective of North American artists and activists, this 50 foot mobile art show traverses routes that aren’t so gallery-dense, strengthening and developing networks for grassroots art and media. Along the tour, the coordinators facilitate pit-stop workshops and artist talks for visitors and passersby. Found inside are objects as diverse as hand-bound fabric flip books, a socially incisive board game by Daniel Noam Warner entitled 'Make Your Own Black Intellectual' (2004) and the colorful comics of multi-media trio Paper Rad. Each handcrafted work challenges your customary book-reading experience; collectively, they propose a new model for artistic exchange and distribution across location and generation. The Bookmobile collections will soon be archived at Artexte Information Centre in Montreal and available online. For now, you can comb through resources on independent book production, a photo gallery and the full tour schedule on the Bookmobile site - Lauren Cornell