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Sorry, The Internet's Not Home Right Now...

By Rhizome

For those of us that rely heavily on email to communicate within our social networks, the phone can extend a more personal tone - where you can actually hear things like sarcasm, without relying on an appended smiley. The space of a phone conversation, even a conference call, is different than that of most net-based communications like email, blogs, chat rooms, and lists. But what exactly is the difference? 'Audiobored', a recent artwork by Dublin-based Jonah Brucker-Cohen, though not offering any answers, does present a chance to experiment with the spaces of global communications and draw your own conclusions. The work creates a connection between a (free) phone number that allows you to leave a message - with a digital operator - and a web site that provides access to previously recorded messages. Suggested topics include art, politics, and the Internet, but you can leave a "general message" if yours doesn't fit the prescribed categories. And if you find yourself going, "that's so cool, I want one," there are instructions for setting up your own 'Audiobored'. - Ryan Griffis

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