52 weeks, 52 works

In South Africa, while access to the networked medium - and certainly to broadband - is fairly limited, the gravity of public interventions to wide audiences is no less an important artistic forum. For these reasons, Capetonian artists James Webb and Thomas Cartwright initiated the 52weeks52works project. Participants are asked to create and publicly display one work of art every week over the course of a year. The website then acts as an archive of work (or the lack thereof, when a week is missed) and of its presentation. Contributing artists, mostly based in South Africa, are also in the US, Japan, Germany and Sri Lanka. The weekly projects range from workshops and exhibitions, to street performances, bathroom installations, street-pole signs and net.art. Some work is witty and dry, some political or even in toilet humor style; a lot are simply dead-end experiments, but pique attention regardless. Overall, we're watching the slow, but steady transformation of a mostly banal archive into a teeming public art project. The facilitators have reopened their call - if latecomers want to join the online, un-curated archive / exhibition / performance, visit the site and Email James Webb for more information. - Nathaniel Stern