net Camp NYC

Here's a summer day camp worth sweating for: Eyebeam's Digital Day Camp is a month-long digital arts education program for New York City high school students interested in experimenting, learning and creating with new technology tools. The students explore the architecture of the city by studying design tools and game theory, exploring the parallels between urban design and game design, and observing the politics and players involved in urban renewal. The exhibition that opens at Eyebeam, NY, at 6PM tonight, is the culmination of students' creative projects generated with Macromedia's Director MX and a variety of digital editing software. At 8PM, Gamers Night Groove, New York City's only free gaming/music experience, takes to the floor with music by DJ's Bitshifter and Nullsleep, who transform the 8-bit sound bytes of Nintendo Game Boys into infectious electronic beats until midnight. If you’re not up for dancing, you can try out Sony's new Sudeki role-play game and Jonah Warren's interactive installation, which lets gamers use their whole body as a controller. The student projects will be on view Tuesday, July 27, through Saturday July 31, from 12-6PM daily. - Ophra Wolf