South Africa is seeping into the fold, upholding the longstanding tradition of parody and hacktivism in net.art, whilst speaking back to what has gone wrong in our, thus far, Decade of Democracy. Governmental and/or corporate incompetence and corruption notwithstanding, business monopolies seem to be the biggest threat to Southern Africa's progress in a global context. Couple that with the digital divide, and you've got the biggest and baddest monopoly of them all: Telkom. With a stronghold on all land-line services, and the only broadband connection in South Africa worth speaking about - which they charge five times more for than the second highest priced aDSL in the world - is it any wonder that their (large-majority foreign) investors are kept extremely happy? But don't take my word for it; Hellkom.co.za (currently under fire with a lawsuit) has up-to-date price comparisons, forums and news, under the hood of their satirical attempt to take the [cyber]space that is rightfully theirs - Nathaniel Stern