Chaise Me If You Can

A group of students at Brown University has released the first issue of the biannual, free Chaise Magazine. Chaise, a compilation of audio clips, still photo slide shows, videos and interactive media, is a DVD. Because the curating of Chaise ends at selection, viewers have the freedom to chart their own course through the artworks. Reading a DVD is nothing like reading a magazine, though, and sometimes the effort of re-cycling back to the main menu to browse the next project is a confusing, albeit liberating, enterprise. By demanding full reader engagement in this way, Chaise both proscribes an art experience (no flipping through ads while watching tv) and demands respect. It’s really more of a yearbook than a magazine, a resource for anyone interest in finding new artists to explore further. And with nearly fifty works in the first issue, it will keep you busy doing just that. The next installment is set for September/October 2004. Submission guidelines are available online. - Christine Smallwood