Time to Come Up With a Really Smart Thesis about Friendster

If you have an 'internet-related artwork' or 'research project on internet creativity' to develop, you can soon be in the running for a prize of either 20,000.00 Euros or 10,000.00 Euros (approximately $23,000 and $13,000). In collaboration with the ARCO Foundation (known for their annual Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid), the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology has just announced this commission/prize program, called ARANEUM. Submissions in Spanish and English are welcome, but must be submitted by 15 December, 2003. On February 14, 2004, the winners, chosen by an international group of jurors, will be announced in Madrid. While production value isn't everything, 20,000 Euros is the largest award for net art I have seen to date. -- Bee Wister