Taking It Further

Today I dropped in on Jess Loseby, artist-in-residence at FurtherStudio; I found a note warning me that she's hung-over, and saw her cursor make tentative movements across her desktop. Entering the chat, I offered her some strong coffee and asked her what she's up to. Right now, Jess is working on 'a couple of html pieces based on nursery rhymes.' She tells me she's had a steady stream of visitors since Friday, and I learn from Neil that the Visitors' Studio, where the public can experiment with being net.artists, is nearly complete. The new Furtherfield site offers critical writings, live discussions, artworks, noisemakers, a 'Public Broadcast' where members upload information about their own projects, and the FurtherStudio, where we can observe the net.Artist at work. Furtherfield, in all its interactive glory, takes us further than ever into the dynamic world of digital art. - Helen Varley Jamieson