A Smart Virus?

Most computer viruses are stupid. Once unleashed in a network they usually rely on human error to augment their destructive behavior. Not so with Tactical.Virii, a smart virus dreamt up by artist Atle Barcley of Biomatic.org. Operated from a command centre in an undisclosed location, not only can the virus enter 'stealth' mode and target specific computers within an organization, but it can also self-destruct if it 'senses' disinfectors. As a means of subverting corporate conglomerates, the virus' "Sniffer" agent could even "liberate" data from pyramid schemes by collecting CEO usernames and passwords and redistribute them to bottom-rung employees. By injecting a little artificial intelligence into something already hazardous to the Internet, Barcley has created the ultimate social weapon for tactical media activists. Homeland Security never sounded so good! -Jonah Brucker-Cohen