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By Rhizome

Seasoned readers of Net Art News can attest to the importance of adventurous decision-making to making great art. What is Entropy8Zuper if not adventurous? Joy Garnett's nuclear materials project recently profiled in Net Art News: daring. Rhizome.org invites you to be an adventurous new media art enthusiast by participating in our 2002 Community Campaign. Help Rhizome.org bring you the best and brightest in new media art by making a donation. We recognize all donors for their support: $10 = an email address @rhizome.org; $25 = a Yael Kanarek mousepad; $50 = a Rhizome.org T-shirt, and $250 = a Rhizome.org laptop backpack. Take a leap for the new media art community and donate to our Community Campaign!

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