A Tale of Two Mouchettes

Almost-13-year-old net.artist Mouchette has upset the widow of her favourite filmmaker, Robert Bresson, with her latest work. It's an online quiz about Bresson's 1967 film 'Mouchette,' highlighting comparisons and differences between the character in the film and the artist on the web. Since the French Society of Authors' Rights forbade publication of the work on Mouchette's site (http://www.mouchette.org), numerous other sites have published the quiz in protest against this censorship. You can download the quiz for your own site from http://www.constantvzw.com/copy.cult/mirror/ and http://mouchette.drivedrive.com/. An enigmatic character online since 1996, Mouchette has been inspired by Bresson's work and shares some of his themes. It's a shame that Madame Bresson has chosen to react in this way. -Helen Varley Jamieson