Bad Bridesmaid Dresses, Random Pix

Yeah, it\'s that time of year again...with summer just beginning, people are tying the knot left and right, and many bad bridesmaid dresses are being donned, many corny best-man-toasts are being recited. Well, laugh it off with the site \"non-weddings\" by Christophe Bruno...or be really serious and theory-headed about this work of net art. After all, as the artist states, this work was inspired by a drawing by Jacques Lacan dealing with the representation of the relationship between the \"signifier\" and the \"signified.\" But Bruno\'s site is also quite entertaining. When you click on the phrase \"Celebrate a non-wedding\", a request is sent out to fetch random pictures posted online, which of course are related to the pair of chosen names (or words), like George and Laura or Gwyneth and Osama, or Lacan and Kristeva, theory and fun. Then raise a champagne glass to their union.