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And...a (l)andscape...

By Rhizome

The newest work by media artist Agricola de Cologne,\"]and_scape[,\"was inspired by poetic texts by Liubov Sirota, an Ukrainian Chernobyl survivor -- an especially chilling thought given the nuclear threats in the world today (think India and Pakistan, or the post-Cold-War Russian missles just lying around, at least as the media has us believing). In this piece, the viewer confronts a series of environments: real, imagined, or somewhere in between. When we think of a contemporary post-nuclear or post-bomb landscape, are we really thinking of something completely unimaginable? After all, humankind has used and abused the world around us, and we\'ve already seen the horrors of Hiroshima and Chernobyl. This new work features not only multimedia but also voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne as well, lending it an extremely personal touch.

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