Seeing in the Dark

NIGHT VISION, an exhibition curated by Joy Garnett, opens today at University Galleries at the Illinois State University, in Normal, Illinois, where it remains on view through April 3, 2002. The concept behind the show relates to the shadowy images seen via special lenses used by the military during wartime to seek out enemies in the dark. The blurry, eerie aesthetic is now more than familiar after recent events in the Middle East. Garnett has recruited some of the New York area's top new media artists to contribute, including Jordan Crandall, Joseph Nechvatal, and the Radical Software Group. The show then travels to White Columns in New York City and g-module in Paris, France. In NIGHT VISION, the all-seeing lens often refers to real-life tech utilized by the artists experimentally, as well as a metaphor or frame of reference for different means of visual perception.