An Artist's Home as Interface

Eerie at first but haunting, "Utopia Parkway" by Brad Todd is an intriguing work of net art. The work revolves around the home of renowned Modern artist Joseph Cornell's in Flushing, Queens, N.Y.; Cornell is famous for his boxes, three-dimensional collages. Unlike so many works of net art, which tend to focus on current affairs, contemporary business and economics, or computers and the internet itself, "Utopian Parkway" links net art to art history. Todd has shown his works internationally at such venues as the New Museum (NY, 2001), FILE 2001 (Brazil), MediaTerra01, ISEA 2000 (Paris), INFOS 2000 (Slovenia), and the FCMM 2000 in Montreal. He is a co-founder of the on-line journal MobileGaze.