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Starting January 15...

By Rhizome

Following phone, email, and face to face debates over the last few months across Rhizome lists, Rhizome\'s Board of Directors, friends and staff, we have decided to make mandatory a contribution to Rhizome, with a minimum of $5 per year. If you missed these discussions, and want a description of how we spend money, or the current funding situation for American non-profits, email me, I\'m happy to color in the (sober) picture. I like to see this new requirement as rhizomatic (though admittedly unfamiliar in the email-list genre), in the sense that members, roots and nodes will directly support and nourish the larger organism. Additional details: we will still give away thank-you-gifts at certain levels... current members have until January 15 to make a contribution, and anyone who has given recently, their membership will be extended for one year from the date of that gift. Fridays will be free and open to all. Please make your contribution now!! -- Rachel Greene

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