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Giving Back to the Net Art Community

By Rhizome

'Tis the season for giving back to one's community. Members of the net art community show support for one another by contributing to Rhizome.org's Community Campaign, which helps keep the non-profit Rhizome.org alive and kicking (butt). Donors range from Brown University's Visual Arts Department to individual artists such as G.H. Hovagimyan and Young-Hae Chang (as in Young-Hae Change Heavy Industries). And Rhizome.org recognizes all donors for their generosity: $10 = an email address @rhizome.org; $25 = a Yael Kanarek mousepad; $50 = a Rhizome.org T-shirt, and $250 = a Rhizome.org laptop backpack. At any level, you can feel great about continuing to build an international community of new media artists...and those who just love new media art.

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