"Four Letter Words": This Saturday 5/17

Posted by D. Jean Hester | Thu May 15th 2003 6:14 p.m.

A few weeks ago I posted a request for submissions to my project "Four
Letter Words" - a number of you responded and sent me great
four-letter-words. (Over a 1000 words in the database so far...)

The project will be installed this coming Saturday May 17, for one night
only, as part of the larger "Minor Adjustments" event (which includes art,
music, visual environments, dancing, cocktails, etc...)

"Four Letter Words" creates rapidly changing text messages based on four
letter words submitted by participants. Playful combinations of words are
dynamically selected from a database and projected in a constantly changing
cycle, creating random messages, memorable thoughts, meditative visuals,
memsmerizing brain teasers, haiku with hidden meanings, or just plain

There is also a participative/performative element to "Four Letter Words":
People will be invited to write a favorite four letter word on me, in
exchange for me being allowed to write a four letter word on them. By the
end of the evening, my body will be evidence of a gesture of creative
exchange between many different people... and many different people will
have their own small piece of that creative gesture which will disperse
throughout the club, and later into the city. The word they have on their
skin will be a reminder of their participation; "Four Letter Words" will
continue to exist throughout the city for as long as it takes each word to
fade from each participant's skin...

-- Details --
Date: Saturday May 17, 2003
Time: 8 PM to 4 AM
Location: Hollywood Athletic Club, 6525 Sunset Blvd, LA, CA
Tickets: In advance ($10 at groovetickets.com) or at the door ($15)
Parking: Behind the building.
Etc: Enter off Sunset Blvd through the parking lot. Event is in the "Pool

You can contact me for more information at jean@divestudio.org

I hope to see you this Saturday!

P.S.: You can continue to submit your favorite four letter words to this
project at http://www.divestudio.org/projects/4lw_submit.php

-- D. Jean Hester
Interviewer: "Must an artist be a programmer to make truly original online
John Simon: "Truly original? You Modernist! Whether you make art or not,
understanding programming is an amazing understanding."
from "Code as Creative Writing: An Interview with John Simon"

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