'post demo' open_digi event, Jan 17th, Brixton London UK

Posted by atty | Wed Jan 15th 2003 1 a.m.

hi Rhizome_Raw people

'post demo' is latest in South London open_digi digital nights out series.

Zden Hlinka (group satori) from Bratislavia, Slovakia of http://zden.satori.sk, demo
de-constructivist and leading VJ, supplier of visual stimulation to clubs and bands from
Riga to Prague to Vienna to Munich, will give us a live session of his work with sounds,
deploying his own custom VJ software CIRCULATION (Zden will give a short tour and
explanation of this software before his session). First at 8.30pm, an illustrated
explanation of the history and current situation of the 'demo scene' + his own work from
Karsten Schmitt of http://www.toxi.co.uk

'Demo Scene' refers to the 'scene' around the making of 'demo' executables that run
outside of normal computer operating system and aim to test the CPU to full graphic and
sound creative potential, a practice originated and followed, including at special 'demo
parties', particularly in ex-Sov block Eastern Europe, and since the earliest popular
computers, still thriving in many countries.

RITZY CINEMA CAFE (upstairs front of cinema)
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