ArtBase 2002: pick your faves

Posted by Francis Hwang | Thu Jan 2nd 2003 1 a.m.

Hi everybody --

I hope you all had a pleasant / glamorous / reflective / drama-filled New
Year's Eve.

Last year there were 415 entries added to the ArtBase. I've listed them
below for your perusal. Ambitious critic/curator-types might use this list
as a starting point for a "Top Ten" list. Or you could take this as an
opportunity to see what exactly those other chatty people on Rhizome do when
they're not trying to impress you with their wit and verve on Rhizome Raw.
Enjoy ...

Francis Hwang
Director of Technology

+ + +

!C! by Reynald Drouhin (
"Brick" Drawings by Jim Johnson (
"RhythmEngine" by hidenori watanave (
"The irrepairable damage of self-realisation communicated to another" by
( the photographic-diary project ) by Jimmy Owenns
*-scope by sgp (
/*wIPhOME0701v1.2*/ by Christian Oyarzun
4 short interactive pieces about vegetables and sound by Krister Olsson
60X1.CAM(tm) Ultimate Interactive Webcam Surveillance System For Homeland
Security by Kenneth Hung (
60X1.COM by Kenneth Hung (
<__lo-y. > by <__lo-y. > (
>neXtOper@1.01 for cell.phones by Sergio Maltagliati
a book with explanatory notes : L by sung-yoon jung
A Less Crowded Place by Ed Holroyd (
a.ofu by shira (
a.r.m.y. by r e f o r m (
Abstract by xavier cahen (
abstracting the internet by paul tulipana
Absurd Org. by A . (
ACRT System by d planet (
ada1852 by Christopher Fahey (
Adam Killer by brody condon (
addiction by maya kalogera (
affectiveCinema by jan torpus (
After Vermeer by Michael Szpakowski ( by David Clark (
Alpha Beta Disco: Godard Remix by DropBox
Alphabet Synthesis Machine by Golan Levin
altar by paul tulipana (
alundale, fiancee of the web by rodriguez laurent alundale voduno
American Views: Stories of the Landscape by Russet Lederman
AMPHORA / NUDE STUDY by Tamas Waliczky (
Ansichtskarte/Pseudo-perspective study by Tamas Waliczky
anti.likesilver by Adriano Santi (
antibiotico by Ricardo Rendon (
ap0202 by 1010 1010 (
Apartment by Marek Walczak (
Apartment by Jacqueline Steck (
archive: moving image gallery by <computerfinearts collection>
art from text by Roberto Echen (
ART-DEATH by Tamara Lai (
ARTificial ART by Kurt Baumann (
asmp v1.0 by paul tulipana (
atari-noise by arc .- -. --. . .-.. (
Ateliers d'emotions - Cathbleue by catherine ramus
Audiovisual Environment Suite by Golan Levin
Aural Masturbation by Marientina Gotsis
auto dungeon by rodriguez laurent alundale voduno
autom@tedVisualMusiC by Sergio Maltagliati
Avatar Project by Marotta & Russo (
b0timati0n by Amy Alexander (
Bailalo by Juan Manuel Patino (
bananamilk by Sangbum Kim (
Bar Code Clock by Scott Blake (
barnyard algorithm by Rick Mullarky (
BERTEPOLIS by fabrizio coniglio (
beyaz sayfa by bulent bas (
BigPictureSmallWorld by Medard Gabel (
binney project by Sean kerr (
BIOevents by monica jacobo (
bits & pieces by Peter Traub (
Blank Project Design by arsinoi (
Blessed by Lalo Diez (
brooklyn01 by martin meyer ( by Markus Kleine-Vehn (
Carnivore Is Sorry by Mark Daggett (
CAUTION by emilie pitoiset (
chained displacements by horit herman peled
Chatroom Plays by Vincent Makowski (
CHILDREN'S GAME by Tamas Waliczky (
Chinese Dragon by h.d.mabuse *re:combo*
Circumvent by honeylab (
collateral assets by deb king (
colorbot by owen plotkin (
Colors Combinator Freeware Tool by dlsan
community mapping by Nikola Tosic (
Compositions in Orange by Max Amagliani
Conceptual Objects by Tinlun Chan (
Confrontation Line - History of conflict / Conflict of history by shirley
shor (
Conner Times Ten by Matt Roberts (
context breeder by John Klima (
copy of ghost dance by Michael Szpakowski
cosmiclocksmith v2.3 by Brian Kearns (
CRASH RUN by Kiran Subbaiah (
Creation of Value / Wertschopfung by Frieder Rusmann
critter sketch by frosty (
crossroads by oriol espinal (
crossroads by oriol espinal (
Cult of the Cor[porat]e [Per]form[ance] Art[ist] - Shoot the Bird by joseph
mcelroy (
daedaleum --- 12 isles by julien demeuzois
daedaleum 2 --- fantasmagoria by julien demeuzois
daedaleum 3 --- phenakistiscope by julien demeuzois
daedaleum 4 --- camera zootropica by julien demeuzois
Daily Headline Deaths by Ricardo Miranda Zuniga
dataCloud by Gonzalo Garcia-Perate (
deadbicycle by gerald (
delinquent by Jean-Paul Tremblay (
delter by Victor Liu (
Desert grows by Raul Berrueco Ballesteros
Destroy Evil by katie bush (
Dialtones (A Telesymphony) by Golan Levin
digital images from corrupt files by huong ngo
dis-house-jointed by Marcy Palmer (
distillates by byron (
distributedhuman by z (
Document 9-1-1 by tobias van Veen (
Don't go for the root, Follow the canal by shirley shor
Drag by Gearoid Dolan (
Drawing by numbers by Roberto Echen (
E3 by Robert Seidel (
Eccentric Science by Kathryn Hughes (
Echoes by Michael Sellam (
Educational Sticker by Nikola Tosic (
encounter by Beverley Hood (
erational by e rational (
Esoth Eric by calin man (
EUROPA - ON THE FLY by Wolf Kahlen (
Eurostar: Fast Easy Secure by Vikram Kansara
( by Don Ritter (
exapes by florin tudor (
Experimental Life Project version 1.0 by domiziana giordano
face by philip wood (
Face Value by Nino Rodriguez (
Fake Flatness by Patryk Rebisz (
Family Portrait by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Fantastic Prayers by Stephen Vitiello, Constance DeJong, and Tony Oursl
fascinum by Christophe Bruno (
fields by Christophe Bruno (
filmscape by nicolas clauss ( by Francis Hwang (
fish histories by paul catanese (
Five Elsewhere by nicolas clauss (
flangerlounge by axe flangerZ (
Flesh Machine by Critical Art Ensemble
Floccus by Golan Levin (
Fly Me to the Moon by alun ward (
Flytrap by Karen Ingram (
Four Flashes of Life by Lars Wikstrom (
Fractal Consciousness by zarinmedia (
FRICTION FREE: for the new economy by stacy hardy
friendlyghosts by Garrett Phelan (
from my house/to yours: the journeyweb by Gandha Key
FWalk 1.0 by Chris Davey (
Gl=vulaa, "Hii-=perlexicoaorpara=][strophism" by David Golumbia
Golden Boy by Bill Cahalan (
GOODWORLD by Lew Baldwin (
gramatologi+tal by vera bighetti (
Grandfather Gets a House by ef (
green mujahideen by Mladen Zagorac (
Grids by Eduardo Navas ( by Gro (
growth 1.0b by John Slepian (
haircut by Justin Simoni (
Hans - a true story by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
Happycentro+Sintetik by Gaia (
Headache & various musical temptations for International Computers *Error*.
by jimpunk (
helix by shane (
hello world by vicky isley (
here nor there by annie (
Hey!,Ufunk'nwithmyDNA? by Reginald Brooks
Hippie Brain Explosion by Lowell Robinson
Histoire d'une representation / History of a representation by armand behar
hit me by nicolas boulard (
hive by John Geraci (
Home Like No Place by jillian mcdonald (
Home-Maker by Jeanie Finlay ( by bennett(troy); (
Humanos by Lilia Perez Romero (
Hybrid Architecture Research by Saskia Vandersee
I forget... by Anna Galkina (
i love jemma gura by maximiliano paccagnella
import/export by hannah kops (
In Between by Tamara Lai (
In Between by SooYeun Ahn (
Inhabited Text by Susan Collins (
Instance City by Riccardo Zanardelli (
Intercontinental Spontaneous Jam Session by Pall Thayer
internet & autofiction by stephanie boisset
Iota Horogolii by Wendy Murray (
IP-III by annja (
Irish_Eyes by Ryan McGuinness (
Is watching by xavier cahen (
Ivy League by jillian mcdonald (
Joseph Rossi Graphic First Aid by francesco contin
justfornow by Monica Ross (
k'muni by chia-hsiao sinz shih (
karaoke at the gene pool by jillian mcdonald
kasimir by e rational (
keeping up appearances by Mendi+Keith Obadike
KID KOMA - mind labyrint by dlsan (
Kill the Messenger by Karen Ingram (
kodisein by Thorsten Kohnhorst (
La Fabrica by Marisa Gonzalez (
La langue se charge by Michael Sellam (
Last Image of Space by Gregory Chatonsky
LE JOU (the game) by shirley shor (
Learning to Love You More by Miranda July
Les dormeurs, the sleepers by nicolas clauss
levels9 by xavier cahen (
Life by Christophe Bruno (
light from the machine by Jessica Loseby
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