Hypo Chrysos, action art for vexed body and biophysical media

Posted by Marco Donnarumma | Fri Mar 30th 2012 8:37 a.m.


"Hypo Chrysos exasperates the viscerality of the body system, so to critically explore the territory in between biosciences, technology and performance art." Octophonic corporeal sound, sensing video and 2 concrete blocks of 15kg each.

See http://marcodonnarumma.com/works/hypo-chrysos/

Hypo Chrysos is the second, new performance work based on the Xth Sense (XS), a biophysical open technology for musical performance and responsive milieux.

This work tries to investigate a very different field of interaction, if compared to my previous piece for the XS, titled Music for Flesh II.
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