Online Exhibition - Art of Gaming

Posted by AnimateProjects | Fri Oct 28th 2011 9:56 a.m.

Animate Projects is pleased to present the online exhibition Art of Gaming. 

Curated in collaboration with Iain Simons, Director of GameCity, ‘the World's best-loved videogame festival’, this online exhibition explores how visual artists pay homage to gaming, by referencing key characters and well-loved games, and appropriating the tools of videogaming. 

The artists in this exhibition are: Addictive TV, AL and AL, Ian W. Gouldstone and Miltos Manetas. They reflect on the worlds of videogames such as SuperMario and The Sims  to shed light on our own world. 

The online exhibition coincides with GameCity, the annual videogame festival held in Nottingham, and a live screening of the films will take place during this year's festivities.

The exhibition consists of six films all of which can be viewed here:

An essay by Iain Simons will accompany the exhibition and will be online shortly.
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