AAA Intergalactic Conference

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Association of Autonomous Astronauts' Intergalactic Conference in
Vienna, Earth, June 21-22 1997

Public Netbase Media~Space! Vienna, Austria



12:00 -15:00
Informal gathering of Autonomous Astronauts. A recruitment drive aimed
at the local community in Vienna, a chance for people to come and
discuss the possibilities of independent, community-based space travel
in a relaxed atmosphere.

17:00 -20:00
Opening and launching ceremony of the "Dreamtime Space Ship" built in
cooperation with the Childrens Museum Vienna. AAA Promotion Videos und
music for guests of ALL ages.
DJ pita , lo-res (live) Public Internet Access and launching of As part of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts'
Intergalactic Conference in Vienna, a web site will be designed and
built by a selected group of Viennese children.
A group of 15 kids travel to the future to take over the abandoned
Russian space station Mir. The station, originally designed by the
unimaginative engineers of a government funded space program, is
transformed by the childrens' wild activities into an orbiting palace of
mayhem and fun.

20:30 - 22:30
Formal presentations as part of a discussion about independent space
exploration Supported by the Institute for Space-eploration of the
Academy of Science, Vienna.

Special Guest Speaker:
Fiorella Terenzi (University of San Diego/USA)
"Space Travel In the Invisible Universe"
Astrophysicist und musician (

"Astrophysicist Fiorella Terenzi, a cross between Madonna and Carl
Sagan." Time Magazine

AAA keynote speakers:
Jason Skeet Inner City AAA
Skeet will give an overview of the AAA project, discussing some of the
various directions that the AAA is travelling in.

John Eden Raido AAA
Eden is a press officer for the AAA and will demonstrate AAA media
invasion exercises and tactics for the information war against
government funded space agencies throughout the universe.

Patric O'Brien East London AAA
O'Brien will detail plans to create a new cultural renaissance, in which
everyone may be able to achieve space travel.

Prof. Werner W. Weiss (Astronomical Institute, University Vienna)
"Scientific Exploitation of Space"

Institute for Longdistance Flights, Vienna

23:00 - ?
Black Hole Supersonic Practice:
Zero Gravity Party with
Praxis DJ Squad (London) feat. :
A.N.T.I. (Harshkore, Bretagne/F),
Somatic Responses (Wales/UK),
The Jackal (The World),
Somatic Responses live,
Society of Unknowns vs.Hidden Resistance (London)
Liza'n'Eliaz (Belgium)
+ Cybercore, Moeser, Zoff and more...

Here Comes Everybody!


12:00- 17:00
A trip to the moon is scheduled for the mid-morning. John Eden will
conduct astral projection exercises, after which explorers will be split
into three groups and issued with a map of the moon. Using this map they
must go into the urban environment of Vienna and find a suitable place
on the moon for a game of three-sided football.

Introduction to three-sided football by Patric O'Brien, member of the
Luther Blissett Three Sided Football League, followed by a game of
three-sided football. The rest of the afternoon will include an
Autonomous Astronaut pic-nic .

"Only those that attempt the impossible will achieve the absurd."

+ + +

Space Travel - By Any Means Necessary

Jason Skeet, Inner City AAA on:

Intergalactic Conference on Independent, Community-Based Space

Association of Autonomous Astronauts in Vienna, Earth, June 21-22 1997

The days of this society are numbered. Its reasons and its merits have
been weighed in the balance and found wanting; its inhabitants are
divided into two parties, one of which wants to build their own
spaceships and leave this society behind. The Intergalactic Conference
organised by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts in Vienna, Earth
June 21-22 1997, will explore the new possibilities that open up when we
form autonomous communities in outer space.

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts (AAA) was launched on April
23rd 1995 as the world's first independent and community-based space
program. A Five Year Plan was also established for creating, by the year
2000, a world-wide network of local, community-based AAA groups
dedicated to building their own spaceships. This conference will bring
together various strands within the Association of Autonomous
Astronauts, for further cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences.
The conference will also expose local communities in Vienna to the
possibilities of independent space exploration. Moving in several
directions at once, the AAA has declared, 'Only those who attempt the
impossible will achieve the absurd'.

AAA Mission Statements include these declarations: technology is
developed by the military and intelligence agencies as a means of
controlling their monopoly on space exploration; economic austerity is
manufactured by the state to prevent the working class building their
own spaceships; governments are incapable of organising successful space
OR CORPORATE INTERESTS. An independent space exploration program
represents the struggle for emancipatory applications of technology.
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