Blast5drama goes up

Posted by Rhizome | Wed Dec 4th 1996 1 a.m.

Live performances will occur at Sandra Gering Gallery (476 broome
street) [New York]

as part of Blast5drama from 6-7:00pm on December 4th, 11th, and the

Archives of these performances will be webcast from the Parkbench

Curator:Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnance Performance Artists.
Produced:Parkbench--Nina Sobell, Emily Hartzell, Cory Muldoon, and
Jeremy Slater.

Dec. 4th. 6-7:00--open rehearsal with Alexander Komlosi aka Prof. Walter
T. Komslowli.

Dec. 11th. 6-7:00--Burnings by Prima Murthy and Diane Ludin.
With a prelude installation at the Gallery from 1-5:00 on Dec.5th.

Wed. 18th. 6-7:00pm. Open rehearsal with Deborah Edmeades (Murry Hill),
Busy Bee Betsey & Penelope Tuesdae, Tanya Barfield, and Anita Chao.

Also don't forget to check the Blast5drama Program and Features pages
for updates on events and new scenes.

P.S. New--panmorphs or "pancakes again" at:
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