Posted by Rhizome | Sat Nov 23rd 1996 1 a.m.

These are the Web sites that won the Ars Electronica competition: (IDEA Futures) (tO Public Netbase) (Ringo + +)
http.// (Station Rose Homepage) (The File Room) (OTIS) (Face to Face) (HotWired) (Snowball Camera) (Current Weather Maps) (aMAZEingweb) (Digital Art Endeavors) (DigiCash),atikWWW/twg/KaspaH/KaspaHome.html (Microsoft Hate Page) (cat@lyst) --John Jacobs (video subvertigo)
non bossy posse (organarchy) (non bossy
posse (organarchy)) -- Steven Jones (electronic Music)
(commissioned as part of NTT/ICC on the Web) (Next 5 Minutes) "home with links to shock" "the shocking site" and will also be accessible directly at (BURNING THE
INTERFACE International Artists' CD-ROM)

By the way, this is Ars Electronica's own Web site address:
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