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Posted by Mark Callahan | Thu Dec 13th 2007 6:55 p.m.

Dear Marisa,

Please consider announcing our new graduate research assistantships
via Rhizome. Thank you!

Mark Callahan

The University of Georgia is pleased to announce new graduate
assistantships in Interdisciplinary Arts Research available to
students entering terminal degree programs in Art, Music, and Theatre
and Film Studies.

Recipients will develop creative research under the auspices of Ideas
for Creative Exploration (ICE), an interdisciplinary initiative for
advanced research in the arts at UGA. Assistantship duties will
include the student's own collaborative work across disciplines and
facilitating collaborative projects and proposals with faculty,
students, and community members. The assistantships will provide a
tuition waiver and competitive stipend for three years of study.

To be considered for the graduate assistantship in Interdisciplinary
Arts Research, applicants are encouraged to send a one-page statement
to be included with their application materials. The statement should
describe the applicant's current research interests and any previous
experiences in interdisciplinary or collaborative environments.

The Lamar Dodd School of Art offers eight MFA degree programs in
Studio Art, MA.Ed, and PhD programs in Art Education, and MA and PhD
programs in Art History. The Hugh Hodgson School of Music offers a
comprehensive slate of graduate degrees at the master's and doctoral
levels, as well as an Education Specialist degree. In Theatre and
Film Studies there are MFA degree programs in Performance, Design and
Technology, and Dramatic Media and a PhD program in Theory and History.

ICE is a catalyst for innovative, interdisciplinary creative projects
and advanced research and critical discourse in the arts, and for
creative applications of technologies, concepts, and practices found
across disciplines. It is a collaborative network of faculty,
students, and community members from all disciplines of the visual
and performing arts in addition to other disciplines in the
humanities and sciences. ICE enables all stages of creative activity,
from concept and team formation through production, documentation,
and dissemination of research.

For more information please visit the following Web sites:

Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE)

Lamar Dodd School of Art

Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Theatre and Film Studies

Mark Callahan
Artistic Director
Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE)
The University of Georgia
Visual Arts Building
Athens, GA 30602-4102
(706) 542-7270

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