[POETRY KESSEL-LO (POEZIE)] Iapetus getting sick at is first fotosjop appearance

Posted by Dirk Vekemans | Thu Sep 13th 2007 10:06 a.m.

Subject: [POETRY KESSEL-LO (POEZIE)] iapetus getting sick at is first
fotosjop appearance

the 'ink spots' on Iapetus 6 times filtered with
Polar Coordinates, added a 2 color gradient map
& doubled the layer with[dv:---] einen Difference mixung

There is no reality to posting data to the network
like there is reality to performing or playing recorded music

Any talk of flow is merely metaphorical.
That would include the sharing
bit you don't share anything you
add code to the body of code and
then you point at the running code
and say (to yourself mostly) hey look that's
when my head was thinking this or that
can you feel it.

No we can't. It isn't .
We get rendered code on our screens.

By and thru analogy we reconstruct a non-existent person
with a personal history and a list of accomplishments
and paste the running code on top of it. Your blackness
shines thru wonderfully at times, yes we do believe
you must be brilliant. Wow.

The shining of your absence is added to our vast
collections of indifference. Your moon, the one
you call Iapetus, after your Ovid, is apprehended
by our filtering procedures. As such.

You are so beautiful. We wish we could put our
hands were you could feel our warmth. We wish
we could turn you on like your absence is
disturbing our equilibrium. Ever so gently.

We love you just the way you are.

Please share more of your time with us.
We will make mining you worthwhile.
Do suffer, yes, do.

Suffering is very rewarding in the end.

Thank you.
Thank You
& U too.


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Hey that's 3 times! Oh dear perhaps another birthday coming up.

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