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Posted by Ursula Endlicher | Tue Sep 4th 2007 5:51 a.m.

Hi all,

I hope you all are having a great summer.
I wanted to let you know about several shows and events I am having in September in Europe.
Should you be in these places at the given time, please come by.
Would be fantastic to see you here or there.

All best --



*Website WIgs*
in 'Contemporary Baroque - extreme excess', at BM-Suma Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey -- opens September 3, 6 PM.

I will be showing a selection of my 'Website Wigs' and 'Website Wigs, Interrupted' Series.
'Website Wigs' are visualizations of the hypertext link structure of websites. Html code is braided into hair representing each Website's link structure as a hair-do. Websites being portrayed as wigs are google.com, intel.com, among others.
In 'Contemporary Baroque - extreme excess', at BM-Suma Contemporary Art Center, Bankalar Cad. Yanikkapi, SOK.3 #2, Suma Han, Karakoy - Istanbul -Turkey.
Curated by Michele Thursz. Opens September 3. The show runs from September 3 - October 3.


Website Wigs, Interrupted: http://www.ursenal.net/websitewigs/ww\_interrupted
Website Wigs: http://www.ursenal.net/websitewigs


in 'UN\_SPACE', at paraflows07 Festival, at MAK-Gegenwartskunstdepot Gefechtsturm Arenbergpark, Vienna, Austria -- opens September 13, 7 PM.

'html\_butoh' inhabits a web-based performance space which is shared by a "global" mix of participants - its contributors and audiences come from cross-cultural and cross-national backgrounds.
UN\_SPACE is the title of this year’s paraflows festival in Vienna, exploring inaccessible, invisible, theoretical, and immaterial spaces.
The location of this exhibition is the Contemporary Art TOWER that belongs to the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna: MAK-Gegenwartskunstdepot Gefechtsturm Arenbergpark, 1030 Vienna, Austria. Opens September 13. The show runs from September 13 - September 23.


html\_butoh: http://turbulence.org/works/html\_butoh


*Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited #4 - www.youtube.com*
at Gallery Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin, Germany -- performance event: September 20, 8 PM.

'Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited' is a live performance series utilizing the html-movement-library for enacting and re-interpreting the source code of the “ten most popular” websites.
I will perform another sequence from this series -- this time I will enact "www.youtube.com".

Galerie Tristesse Deluxe, Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin Mitte, Germany.


Presented by Upgrade!Berlin: http://www.upgrade-berlin.net/

Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited: http://www.ursenal.net/wi\_ttmv
html-movement-library: http://turbulence.org/works/html\_butoh
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