Celebrate Bloomsday with psychogeography

Posted by Conor McGarrigle | Sat Jun 16th 2007 7:37 a.m.

To celebrate Bloomsday I'd like to invite everyone to take part in a
Bloomsday psychogeographical event by undertaking their own Bloomsday
re-enactments in any city in the world except Dublin.

To take part generate your own Bloomsday route using Joyce Walks
www.stunned.org/walks a web 2.0 service which generates walking maps
based on routes from Joyce's Ulysses for any city in the world. Based on
the map create your own Bloomsday event documenting it as you go and use
Joyce Walks to generate a mashup of your walk which will be saved to a
database as a permanent record of the event.

More information at www.stunned.org/walks

Joyce Walks is a new project by Conor McGarrigle

Joyce Walks
Because somewhere, sometimes it's always Bloomsday
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