EarthMan arrested in Monaco

Posted by Dion Laurent | Tue Apr 17th 2007 12:49 a.m.

For years I have wanted to travel my EarthMan project around the world, to perform in
extremes of societal and natural environments. In just a few perfomances thus far it
seems to be something of a social barometer, a scale of tolerance for adventure and
experimentation. I was arrested in Monaco last week during a perfomance and held until I
erased all video documentation from the point of the police approaching me. By slight of
hand, I managed to erase just one minute of 10 minutes or so of video including the
police and motorcade escort to the police station. The one minute of recording-over
captured the audio of my pleas (with the assistance of some friends translating) to save
the video and the police department's insistence to erase or face much more serious
consequences. See photo taken just after the police approached me in
Monaco(here the cop is telling me to drop my olive tree and shovel) . The reason given
for the arrest, they "thought the plants in my air terrarium backpack were marijuana",
and "you can't be barefoot in Monaco". I was apprehended on the Golden Gate Bridge
during that performance 2 years ago, for "disrupting traffic"(they didn't force me to
erase the video). I am in London at the moment - I just want to plant a tree and hand out
some flowers.
Two performances planned for Wednesday, April 18, 12 noon or so and 2 pm or so.
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