IP Monochrome

Posted by Reynald Drouhin | Sat Mar 3rd 2007 12:54 a.m.


IP Monochrome is an interactive piece in which monochrome is seen as
a collective and autonomous piece.

When one connects to Reynald Drouhin's web site, a monochrome is
generated, using its IP address. Initially coded in numbers, the IP
is transformed in RGB (red-green-blue) values. These values are
themselves converted in hexadecimals codes, thus giving a unique
individual reference colour to the user. The monochrome is generated
immediately on the web site and without visible steps.

Without asking, Reynald Drouhin transforms the user in a creator, in
the author of an unknown monochrome, since no one can anticipate the
colour that will come out.

Depending on the country, the tonality of the monochrome can have
similarities, but millions of possibilities exist.

The active memory, which comes out of these connections, is
participative and evolving.

Clicking on one's own monochrome takes you to a griddles mosaic made =

of multicolour squares. It is a monochrome alignment collection of
the previous connection and your own.
On the top left corner of your screen, a small sized image your
monochrome appears and gives you an access of your monochrome in the
context of the network.
These colours are fragments representation of all the people who
connected before you.

The true digital catalogue of your passing and your own identity on
the internet.

An "Other" monochrome

Just like any particles in the ever-growing, immeasurable network,
you are identified but not recognized. You belong without
controlling. Your colour can be desired or not, you can like it or
not, it is yours but you do not possess it. It is enforced on you.
Another monochrome stands next to yours, you meet the other
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