XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY - call for science fiction

Posted by kanarinka akanarinak | Tue Sep 5th 2006 8:33 p.m.

call for submissions:

XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY (Xaa) provides an internet home for
innovative, experimental work on and in the science fiction mode. Sf
is not only a genre, but also a mode of awareness and production
particularly relevant in these First Days of the 21st century. In
the recent past, the sf genre has produced unprecedented "sf fx" in
the able handminds of Gwyneth Jones, Ken Macleod, Octavia E. Butler
and many others. At the same time, sf has exploded beyond the
limits of genre and begun to make waves in fields as disparate as
music, art, critical theory, architecture, and politics. Sf theory,
for example, has left the confines of "SF Studies" per se and taken
new forms in the work of Donna Haraway, Jean Baudrillard, and Manuel
Delanda. SF music and art, too, have produced exciting sf agents
like Sun Ra, Ebon Fisher, and the Center for Tactical Magic. Sf
technoscience should of course be very familiar to futurists; the sf
mode productions of K. Eric Drexler, Hans Moravec, and Nicholas
Negroponte spring to mind. And, of course, the sf mode is wider
still: TV, film, RPGs, MMORPGs, and other games, anime, etc. Xaa
brings these and other strands of sf mode activity together, focusing
especially on sf fx, anthropocentrism, ecological ethics and alien
agency, among other possible topics. Neologistic by nature, Xaa
actively seeks new ways of thinking, speaking, writing, worlding,
making, and playing.

XENOMORPH: ALIEN AGENCY needs you! Pose questions you can't answer,
make mini-manifestoes, lay bare your craziest reflections and wildest
theories. Submissions for this first edition are open to any and all,
in all fields, disciplines, and media; an interest in the sf mode, in
the futures, and in new possibilities is the only requirement. For
our first edition, we are accepting short texts (300 word maximum)
and small widgets (images, video, etc), with a preference for the
experimental, the innovative, and the eccentric.

Deadline for submissions: 20 September 02006
Contact: sfmode@alienagency.org
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