A Goodbye of Sorts

Posted by Rachel Greene | Fri Apr 29th 2005 3:01 p.m.

To Everyone in the Rhizome Community,

As the Executive Director of Rhizome for almost the last two years, I
have been privileged to work with a very talented core staff in an
environment -- the New Museum -- that has doubly inspired me. The
people I work with make art and artists their number one priority and I
hope you are all as proud of their commitment as I am. I have met so
many terrific Rhizome members and enthusiasts; it has been almost ten
years of seeing mind-blowing art and being part of an emerging new
lifestyle and art scene. It has been a real pleasure.

I am writing to announce that I will be stepping down as Executive
Director in the few weeks to develop some individual projects before
starting a family. There will be a new model for Rhizome usability
announced soon, and I have worked hard over the last year to make it
practical and scalable. The fine points are still being finalized, but
keep your eyes peeled for a more open community system coming soon!

I will leave Rhizome in very capable hands, in fact, in the hands of my
friend and colleague Lauren Cornell. I always admired and saved all of
Lauren's press releases for Ocularis -- a cinema/video organization she
put on the cultural map here in NYC -- and I always hoped we could
lure her here to work with Francis Hwang, Kevin McGarry, and me. We
succeeded. As this is a public annoucement, I want to thank the
amazing, professional and supportive Board of Rhizome as well as all
the Trustees of the New Museum. Rhizome's Board -- Saul Dennison, Bob
Wyman, Paul Schnell, Chris Vroom, David Ross, Mark Tribe, Lisa Roumell
and Lisa Phillips -- a deep bow for giving Rhizome safe haven when we
needed it most. We would have been lost without you.

Most of all, thank you to all the individuals who continue to make
Rhizome relevant and meaningful by sharing their ideas, art work, and
with their support.

See you soon I hope, online or off. I will be around at Rhizome events
of course!


Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene
Executive Director, Rhizome.org
Adjunct Curator
New Museum of Contemporary Art
210 Eleventh Ave, NYC, NY 10001

tel. 212.219.1222 X 208
fax. 212.431.5328
ema. rachel@rhizome.org
  • Bob Wyman | Fri Apr 29th 2005 3:51 p.m.

    It's been wonderful working with you. I sure hope you'll keep in
    touch. You will be missed.

    bob wyman
  • joy garnett | Fri Apr 29th 2005 7:01 p.m.
    rachel, you're da bomb! good luck, til soon I hope...

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