ArtCar Museum Curated by Jim Harithas

Posted by Dion Laurent | Tue Sep 14th 2004 6:04 p.m.

For Immediate Release:
The ArtCar Museum is presenting a group of important ArtCars as well as a number of new exhibitions by a variety of Texas Artists.

Featured ArtCars on display are: Cig-Kills by Alex Harrah, Big Splinter and Little Splinter by Isaac Cohen, Faith by David Best, Xyloto Bot by Jim Robertson, Spoonozoid by Mark Bradford, Thorny Rock & Roll by Alex Coward, Pink Cadillac and Swamp Mutha by Ann Harithas.

In the main gallery, a group exhibition: ‘Fronteras’, features important works by the following artists from earlier periods of their careers: Mel Casas, Luis Jimenez, Cesar Martinez, Frank Fajardo, Jesse Lott, John Alexander and a several members of the California Street Scapers.

Spanning twenty-five countries, Dion Laurent’s Travel Series is an ongoing series of paintings of international gas pumps, revealing a style that is indigenous to each country and expresses the global demand for oil. Initially inspired by the Gulf War, Laurent’s powerful paintings prompt the viewer to recognize the gas pump as a powerful modern icon.

The Armory, is a steel sculptural installation by Noah Edmundson that features a diverse selection of weapons and other elements made of steel. Mr. Edmundson is not only a critical member in the ArtCar movement since its inception but is also a sculptor of penetration intuition.

Ann Harithas new collages are rigorously composed expressions of a kind of surrealism that is Texas based. Each work is profoundly psychological, literally like a dream and each work reveals a powerful but intimate drama. This collection represents her most recent work.

Artist Reception: Friday, September 17th, 8 - 10 pm

This Exhibition will remain on view through November 14th, 2004

The ArtCar Museum is open Wednesday-Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

For more information please visit:

To schedule tours please call: 713-861-5526

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