Posted by Stephan Hausmeister | Thu Jan 27th 2005 5:04 a.m.


** take a walk on the wild site:

Scroll across a 10 x 30 feet collage and zoom into 500 images emailed
by artists from around the globe.

Following a call for submissions posted on the web in English,
Spanish, German and Chinese, contributions were sent in from
countries as far apart as Taiwan, Mexico, Finland, South Africa,
Singapore, Serbia, Ireland and Chile.

Assembled by a small group of artists from Digital Art Projects on
location at the Lab Gallery, New York in September 2004, the collage
is now recycled into a website which gives a compelling impression
of how the city is perceived at this moment in time.

Field of Vision: New York is the first of a world-wide series of visual
fields organised by artists from the Digital Art Projects network:

Paul Dacey, USA; Alison Dalwood, UK; Stephan Hausmeister,
Germany/UK; Jenny Kao Yuan, Taiwan/USA; Iratxe Hernandez Simal,
Spain; Gautam Narang, India/UK; Andrey Vrabchev, Bulgaria;
Michael Wright, UK.

Further fields are planned for Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Sofia,
Shanghai and Kaohsiung.

If you want to receive more information or take part in future projects,
please visit:

or send an email to:
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