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Posted by nilo casares | Fri Sep 3rd 2004 5:55 a.m.

>>>>>>>>>>bases for biennial 2004<<<<<<<<<<

the _museu d'art contemporani d'eivissa_ and the biennial committee
are organizing ibizagrafic' 04, which shall open in autumn 2004 in
the museu d'art contemporani d'eivissa and which shall governed by
the following rules:

>>>>>1. participants: participation shall be open and free of charge.

>>>>>2. technical conditions:

the biennial, having specialized in graphic work, maintains and
accepts any printing technique, from traditional procedures such as
etching, lithograph, silk screen, etc., to the application of new
technologies or technical innovations in the context of engraving. in
addition, it is now open to any type of digital format such as
photography, video creation, net art, software art, etc.

all works presented must have been made after 2002.

work will be rejected where it is not presented in perfect condition
or where, because of the fragility or weak consistency of the
material used, it can easily deteriorate.

for analogical media the work may not exceed 100 x 100 cm.

for digital media the following shall be accepted: cds, dvd (pal),
vhs (pal), urls.

>>>>>3. time limit, place, form of presentation and return:

on working days, from the date of the appearance of this invitation
and until 30 september. from 10 am to 1.30 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm.

the delivery of work that can be packed and/or is analogical shall be
made in the _museu d'art contemporani d'eivissa_, ronda narcis puget,
s/n. dalt vila. 07800 eivissa (balearic islands), by hand, by post or
by courier service. these works must be clearly labelled with their

all the costs of sending, including customs duties, shall be borne by
the sender.

deliveries shall not be accepted at the cost of the recipient.

a .txt registration file shall be enclosed (we describe a guideline
.txt file below).

any work that is not accompanied by the .txt file shall be rejected.

the works that you wish to register must include authorisation for
the use of material protected by intellectual property rights and
copyright where these are included in it.


>photography (digital image formats + .txt).
>infography (digital image formats + .txt).
>video art (digital video formats + 00h07m00s + .txt)
>software art + .txt.


>digital web art (send the url + .txt to <mac@eivissa.org).
>digital net art (send the url + .txt to <mac@eivissa.org).

the _museu d'art contemporani d'eivissa_ shall not be liable for
loss, retention by the postal or transport service, or for damage
that may arise during the delivery of the work or during its return.

each work must be valued in euros by its author (for an amount that
may not exceed 600 euros).

analogical work shall be returned in the same condition and packaging
as upon receipt, at the cost of the author.

returns shall be requested from the closure of the biennial for those
works that have not been selected. and from one year after closure of
the biennial for those that have been selected. they may also be
taken away personally, with prior notice to the museum. where they
are not sought after they will be kept in the museum in the form of a

digital work shall not be returned, whether or not it is selected.

>>>>>4. exhibition:

the selected works, whether or not they receive prizes, shall be
exhibited in the museu d'art contemporani d'eivissa and shall remain
available to it in deposit, for the period of one year from the
closure of the biennial, should it decide to organize other temporary
or touring exhibitions of them.

>>>>>5. panel:

this shall be made up of four expert members under the chairmanship
of the president of the board of the museum and in his absence by the
his secretary shall be the commissioner of the biennial.
the commissioner of the biennial shall determine the works selected
and shall resolve all matters not specified herein.
the panel shall determine which works receive prizes and any possible
honorary mentions and its verdict shall be final.
the prizes shall be made public in the act of opening the biennial.
the selection of artists shall also be made public.

>>>>>6. prizes:

three prizes have been established, these being first, second and
third, which shall consist in the acquisition of the prize-winning
works, which shall then form part of the collections of the museum,
except in the specific cases of net art, web art and software art
which, because of their special characteristics, cannot be acquired
but can win prizes.

>>>>>7. acceptance of the rules:

participation in this invitation implies full acceptance of these
rules. for possible complaints, claims shall only be accepted in the
first instance before the committee of the ibiza biennial and in the
second instance before the ordinary courts for the island of ibiza.

the selected artists authorize the use of their names as well as the
photographic reproduction of their works, in the catalogue of the
biennial, in the mass media and in the programme of activities of the
biennial. after one month has expired from the closure of the
biennial no claim whatsoever may be brought.

>>>>>8. registration .txt file:

>>>must contain the number of works presented,

>which may not exceed five per artist.
>explanation of the works
>means of contacting the artists

>>>technical form:

>space-time measurements:
>year of completion:
>country of completion:
>format of completion, production or edition:
>synopsis (essential):
>area of registration: photography/engraving/video arte/net art, etc.
>sound: hi-fi stereo/normal stereo/mono-aural/no sound

>>>other information:

>person making registration:
>contact name:
>postal address:


>artistic direction:
>original music:
>edition number:
>title of the work:
>curriculum of the work:

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