Imaginary Media on-line & Archival Mania at De Balie

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Imaginary Media on-line & Archival Mania at De Balie

* Archaeology of Imaginary Media

The lecture program of the mini-festival "An Archaeology of Imaginary
Media", which was held February 5 - 8, 2004 at De Balie, centre for
culture and politics in Amsterdam, has recently been made available
on-line in full length in the Balie web dossier on Media Archaeology.

The following presentations are now available in the dossier:

Siegfried Zielinski - Deep Time of the Media, an anarchaeology of
hearing and seeing through technological means.

Klaus Theweleit - on pre-apparatus cultural technologies and the
soccer game as an imaginary medium.

Edwin Carels - on pre-cinema and the iconography of death.

Zoe Beloff - on spiritist media and stereoscopic cinema.

Bruce Sterling - on dead media en never realised media histories.

John Akomfrah - on Afrofuturism and imaginary media.

Erkki Huhtamo - on the archaeology of the dream world of interactivity.

Timothy Druckrey - on the archaeology of the present in the works of
media-critical media-artists.

- Please refer to the dossier Media Archaeology for further details:


* Balie Dossiers:

De Balie has started to provide access to texts and materials
collected for programs in its past, as well as registrations, reports
and essays on the themes dealt with in recent years. These materials
are grouped around themes that are of particular interest to our
programs, and we call these collections "dossiers".

Currently the Balie site contains 11 dossiers, and new dossiers are
already in preparation.

The current themes include: Media Archaeology, Visual Culture, In
Memoriam: The new Economy, Reclaiming Cultural Diversity, Streaming
Media, Dlight Dutch Experimental Cinema, dossiers on migration
issues, globalisation, information politics, and more...

English and Dutch materials are mixed in the dossiers, although a
substantial part of the texts are published in English, and
occasionally in other languages. Where possible we publish the
materials under a creative commons "non-commercial / share alike /
attribution" license, provided we receive permission by the authors
to publish texts under this license.
(License: )

Dossiers that also contain extensive video-collections are:
- Media Archaeology
- Network Society of Control
- Streaming Media

- For an overview of all dossiers:

* About:

De Balie is a public centre for culture and politics, located in the
heart of Amsterdam next to the "Leidse Plein". De Balie hosts about
450 to 500 programs and activities per year, ranging from
experimental arts festivals and events, cinema and theatre, to social
and political analysis, media criticism, and programs on new media
culture and information politics. The programming of the centre is
developed by the five sections of the centre: debalie media, debalie
cinema, debalie theater, debalie uitgeverij (publisher), and debalie
salon (politics and social isues).

It is our firm intention to continue making as many materials as
possible related to the Balie programming available on-line, but
always filtered by our editorial staff. To be able to improve this
process De Balie has started an open source web publishing
development project in the Fall of 2002. The system we are developing
is called Culturebase and is built as an application on the basis of
the open source content management system MMBase
( We hope to be able to release a generic open
source version of the web publishing application in the Fall of 2004.

Balie-site (mostly in Dutch):

Other (related) projects:

- Restored web archive of net.congestion fest. of streaming media (2000):

- Archive of Next 5 Minutes 4 - Festival of Tactical Media (2004):
(under construction)
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