Setting the Scene: The Message in New Media--chat August 17, worshop and course August 26 and 30

Posted by Deena Larsen | Wed Aug 13th 2003 12:48 a.m.

YtrAce/ELO Forumlive Chat: Sunday 17th August: Setting the Scene: The
Message in New Media
Chat time:Y 10-11 pm Barcelona/Brussels, 9-10 pm UK, 4-5 pm New York, 1-2
pm Los Angeles, Mon 6 am Sydney
Chat location: trAce chatroom at
More information on the Chat at'4

How are we creating works--is it acceptable to use found images or
\_javascript or collaborate? Where are the lines drawn in creating new
media? Are works that are not "100\%
original from the ground up" judged (analyzed, critiqued?) in different

Held in association with the 7th New Media Writers' Workshop: The Message
in New Media at Hypertext '03, Saturday 30th August (see below)
Whether or not you plan to come to the live workshop you are very welcome
to take part in the Chat and its associated discussion at

***About the Y7th New Media Writers' Workshop: The Message in New Media
at Hypertext '03:
You don't have to be an attendee at the main Hypertext Conference to come
to this one-day live face-to-face workshop on Saturday August 30th in
Nottingham, UK. See'5 and/or contact

***On Tuesday 26th August: Halfday tutorial: Is it literature? Is it art?
How artists use hypertext, hypermedia, and associative navigation to create
new avenues for \_expression
This course will examine literary uses of non-linear structures by
exploring electronic works. These works employ hypertext linking,
narrative, game theory, and other techniques discussed
in hypertext conferences and forums to form expressions and communicate in
new ways.'6 or register at
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