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When: Tuesday, July 29th, 2003 - 7pm
Where: Stags Head Pub (Upstairs Room), Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland

DATA 13.0 wont be unlucky! Featuring presented
work by artists/designers Romek Delimata (747-X
Flight Simulator), Niki Gomez (,
Rebecca Allen (MLE, UCLA, Virtual Reality), Short
Film by Aki Aro (AKUMA) + special guests,
screenings/animations and more!!

All D.A.T.A. events are FREE and open to the public!

More info on DATA 13 Presenters:

Romek Delimata
Romek is an artist / motion-picture special
effects designer based in Dublin, Ireland. For
the past five years he has built a homeade 747-X
flight simulator (from the discarded cockpit of
an Aer Lingus Boeing 747) in a shipping container
behind his studio space. The simulator has all of
its original controls and interfaces to an EPIC
capture card and is networked to computers
running a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The
simulator is currently on exhibition at EuroJet
Futures exhibition at the Royal Hibernian
Academy, Dublin. He's also worked on films such
as Braveheart, Behind Enemy Lines, and Flight of
the Pheonix.
exhibit URL:

Niki Gomez
Niki is head of new media arts at Watermans arts
centre, West London which consists of gallery,
theatre and cinema spaces. Previously, she headed
Cybersalon, a monthly independent event at the
ICA, London which brings together digital
artists, business and education to discuss ideas
and showcase new work. Cybersalon has given birth
to Cybersonica - London's only festival of
electronic music and sound art. Niki has an MSc
in Interactive Multimedia and has worked in new
media building web sites, teaching and writing.
Previously Niki worked for the Cybertheatre,
Brussels, the world's first arts venue devoted
solely to digital art- She has
also worked in Brussels in the European
Commission and Parliament in areas of Media and
Human Rights.

Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen is an internationally recognized
media artist inspired by the potential of
advanced technology, the aesthetics of motion and
the study of behavior. Her work,
which blurs the boundaries between physical
reality and virtual reality, between biological
life and artificial life, takes the form of
interactive art installations, computer animated
films and live multimedia performances. Allen
received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design
and MS from Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. She was a member of the Architecture
Machine Group at MIT (now known as MIT Media Lab)
followed by the NYIT Computer Graphics
Laboratory, a world renowned computer animation
research center. She was founding co-director of
the UCLA Center for DigitalArts and founding
chair of the UCLA Department of Design |Media
Arts, where she is currently a professor.

Aki Aro
Aki is a Dublin-based audio-visual artist. He is currently working as a
graphic designer and a music producer. His main interest at the moment is in
digital video and audio production.

AKUMA Synopsis
The past comes to haunt Richard when a data CD is delivered to his door. The
virtual ghost of Hans, a man Richard once set up for a murder, is hungry for
revenge. Hans traps Richard into the virtual-reality world. Richard's fri=
Lynn is trying to trace a strange computer signal with a computer hacker. T=
signal happens to be the very same signal that Hans is controlling. Lynn
becomes Hans' next victim.

Please bring your work to show! We encourage
people to bring projects/ works in
progress/ideas/and any other types of media to
show/perform the night of the event or just think
is cool and think others should know about it!

If you have something specific in mind please
contact us beforehand to arrange for specific
equipment, etc.. Thanks!


Dublin Art and Technology Association
D.A.T.A. Group

The Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA)
is a group formed with the intention of
promoting, exploring, discussing, and exhibiting
art and technology in Ireland and the world.
Based in Dublin, DATA is built on the idea that
collaboration between artists, musicians,
technologists, and academia is the key element in
creating a rich cultural environment for the
dialogue and conception of technological art
practices. We aim to create an informal space
where art and technology can meet and allow
people from multiple backgrounds to come
together, collaborate, and explore new directions
and art practices.

DATA is dedicated to both showcasing the work of
local technologists, musicians, and artists using
technology as well as providing a meeting point
for the intersection of these disciplines.

Our aim is to encourage collaboration between
group and non/group members and support an open
forum for ideas, practice, and presentation. All
forms of art and tech are welcome for showing at
the group events - from interactive work to
net-based projects to digital video to audio
projects to theatrical performances to
installations - and we will be asking for an open
call for people to present their projects at the
various events and venues around Dublin.

Contact Info:
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All D.A.T.A. events are FREE and open to the public
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