KeyBorders by Carlo Zanni at Interactiva03, MACAY - Mx

Posted by Carlo Zanni | Mon Jul 21st 2003 7:32 a.m.

KeyBorders by Carlo Zanni - 2003

Installed at MACAY, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo De Yucatan, Merida -
Mexico during Intercativa03, Biennial of New Media and Electronic Arts.

KeyBorders is a portrait as "Input Language / Keyboard Layout (IME) ".

KB is an installation with a net component.
KB is based on an application built with Visual Studio .NET.

The application continuosly cycles through the user's input locales and
keyboard layouts, which are normally used to support different
The data submitted by the user is then inserted, via PHP, in a MySql
database, and stored as Unicode characters.
User is invited to type his name, place of birth, place of residence and

Because of the VBScript changes input parameters, the user will have
in typing his data correctly. Probably he'll never be able to write them as
he would. The submitted personal data are stored in a database and
displayed online and in real time as an immigration book**. This immigration
Book can be read also on the web.

**the appearance of the keyborders immigration book's entries depends on which
languages you have installed in your machine. If you have just standard languages
probably the entries will look full of question marks or rectangles
I suggest you to install Cyrillic and Japanese support to obtain a better aesthetic impact.

KeyBorders is a NewNewPortrait. NewNewPortrait (05-13-2001) - that comes
from "the new new thing", the well-known book by Michael Lewis - is a way to
do portraits using temporary mental identities of the user and not only his
physical aspect. NewNewPortraits use "digital footsteps" as email accounts,
web stats, desktop icons, workstation environment settings, cookies, wi-fi
waves and search engines to create personal portraits.

The online entries processed by KeyBorders are personal data inputs
influenced and/or generated by: psychological attitudes, social and
political contexts, economic pressures, language handicaps and social
process of naturalization (forced or intentional).

Please, read this text by Raul Ferrera Blanquet for more info about the
Interactiva03 and KeyBorders main subject.




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