Finishing Funds Recipients 2003

Posted by Sherry Hocking | Mon Jun 9th 2003 2:16 p.m.

The Experimental Television Center is please to announce that Finishing Funds 2003 will support 20 electronic media, sonic art and film projects, encompassing web projects, performances, site-specific installations and interactive works. For 14 years, the program has provided over $185,000 to New York State artists, to assist with the completion of diverse and innovative projects, and works for the Internet and new media.
Five different counties throughout the State are represented; 20\% of recipients live in the Upstate region. This year a recent graduate of Binghamton University's Cinema Department, and a film professor from Ithaca College were among the recipients.
Finishing Funds is supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.
With an award in 2003 from mediaThe foundation, Finishing Funds is supporting 5 special awards for New Media and Intermedia Performance; the awards went to G.H. Hovagimyan, Diane Ludin, Prema Murthy, Marina Rosenfeld, and the collaborative team of Brooke Singer and Beatriz da Costa.
This year's awards recognize work which is very diverse, encompassing web projects, performances, site-specific installations and interactive DVD works, and includes experimental documentary and narrative, hand-processed films and the sonic arts.
The works address such issues as the assimilation of Asian Americans in contemporary culture, the growth of the suburbs after World War II, the interactive house of the future, dolls, information-overload in the 21st century, technology as surveillance and, in a film cycle, the history of the Byrd family of Westover, Virginia.
The works in progress have received recognition and support from other organizations including the Individual Artists Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, Eyebeam Atelier, Franklin Furnace, Thundergulch, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Swiss Institute, the Wesley New Media Center of Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvestworks, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Visual Studies Workshop.
This year's peer review panel was composed of independent new media artist and educator Torsten Burns and Buffalo-based filmmaker and media activist Stephanie Gray.
Torsten Burns has a graduate degree from San Francisco Art Institute. Often combining fiction and performance, Burns' work has been widely exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the European Media Arts Festival and on the Web. His work is distributed by Video DataBank, Chicago, and the Lux Center in London, and on the web by Electronic Arts Intermix.
Stephanie Gray is a film and media maker working at the Buffalo Media Resources Center. Her recent work explores hearing loss, and has been screened at CEPA Gallery, Hallwalls, the Mix Festival, Frameline Festival, and the Thaw Video Festival. Her work is distributed by Frameline.
The deadline for the program each year is March 15th. Applications are available from the Center in January.
A complete list of recipients is attached.
The Experimental Television Center was founded in 1971 by Binghamton University's Cinema Department Emeritus Professor Ralph Hocking to support the creative uses of new technologies. Programs include a residency program, grants programs for individuals and non-profit organizations, sponsorship of creative work, and the development of the Video History Project on the web. The Center=s programs are supported by the contributions of artists, by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, by mediaThe foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, and Media Alliance. Corporate assistance provided by Dave Jones Design and Black Hammer Productions

Peter BiancoGames for Two
a hand-processed 16mm film.

Roddy BogawaI was born, but...
a 16mm film which begins with the death of Joey Ramone and punk music, and becomes a reflection on my life as an artist, and the issue of assimilation of Asian Americans as well as how culture is constituted.

Abigail Child Cake and Steak
an hour length series of 16mm films and digital projections that focus on post WW II North American suburbs, critically seen through the lens of colonialism, gender and immigration.

Carrie Dashow10 Cameras, 60 minutes
10 channel video installation, part of a series of video/performance pieces, each involving different numbers of individuals who act as moving cameras, negotiating specific spaces at pre-assigned timecodes, recording the paths they are moving through, the intersections they pass, and the process of finding each other again through a variety of signaling devices.

Tirtza EvenPainted Devil
an experimental video documentary and interactive installation, investigating women's roles in contemporary Turkish society. In collaboration with Brian Karl.

Jennifer FieberSplit Film
an experimental 16mm film created without a camera, reprinted using a closet, flashlight, and photo chemicals; a boy with a lantern leads you through the looking glass
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