ELO/trAce chat invitation: How can we save works? Sunday June 15

Posted by Deena Larsen | Thu Jun 5th 2003 10:44 a.m.

When Sunday June 15 2003 at 9 pm UK time, 10 pm Rome, 4 pm New York, 1
pm California, and 6 am (Monday) Sydney.

What Discussion on archiving [new media] outside of institutions: what
private folks can do to preserve our creative e-legacy.

What are we talking about? While you can pick up - and read - a book
from a century ago, reading new media works from a decade ago is hard to
do, and getting harder. How can we as writers preserve our heritage of
electronic literature and art?

How to join in: Go to http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000, log in as guest,
and type @go trAcELO.

Links Linked with the e(X)Literature Conference: Preservation,
Archiving and Dissemination of Electronic Literature co-sponsored by
Electronic Literature Organization and the Digital Cultures Project to
identify issues and solutions for archiving. Go to
http://www.eliterature.org/elo/interact.php and read PAD participants'
responses to questions about preserving and archiving of electronic
literature. Join in the fray at the trAce by logging in to
http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid30. For
more information, see trAce's Forum Live at
http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/forumlive/ and ELO's chat at

Guests Rob Kendall has taught electronic poetry and fiction for the New
School University's online program since 1995. He runs the literary Web
site Word Circuits <http://www.wordcircuits.com> and the ELO's
Electronic Literature Directory, and is codeveloper of Word Circuits
Connection Muse, a hypertext tool for poets and fiction writers.
Nick Monfort is an author, programmer, and researcher of interactive
fictions and is co-editor of the New Media Reader (2003, MIT Press),
which compiles electronic works from before 1994.
Mary Cavill is the Information Specialist with the Writers for the
Future project at the trAce Online Writing Centre, creating an online
archive of the trAce website from 1995-2002. She worked as an arts
librarian for over 10 years and has a BA (Hons) in History of Art Design
and Film, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Visual Culture.
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