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Posted by tobias c. van Veen | Wed Jun 4th 2003 4:06 p.m.

hi Rhizomers,

For those interested in the current milieu of experimental electronic music,
the quite fascinating MUTEK festival just finished in Montreal... more than
a festival of music, MUTEK--directed by Alain Mongeau, whom some might
recognise from the ISEA conference held in Montreal in '94, I believe--has
been striving to conceptualize itself as a global node for a virtual
community (along the same lines as the N5M conferences in tactical media and
so on), and this year rather successfully, I think, managed to develop
cultural links between Chile, Germany, and Montreal through an exchange of
producers that has resulted in not only new & invigorating explorations of
electronic audio but ways of remixing the city, especially in the version in Valparaiso.

In any case, online, day-by-day and blow-by-blow coverage of Mutek 2003 can
be found at:

.. which is publishing a series of daily posts originally sent to the list [run by Kim Cascone] & partially to Xchange.
The Dusted content also includes short videos shot from my handheld digital
camera; full archived sound-sets can be found at: .

.. from a sun-soaked Montreal,

tobias c. van Veen

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