A Sincerity Lecture

Posted by Cary Peppermint | Mon May 19th 2003 10:08 a.m.

This is a newly completed .mp3 version of one the Technolectures from "Conductor Number Seventeen V4.0." This particular Technolecture along with 6 other Technolectures will be given this Saturday, May 24th, starting promptly at 3pm at Bronx River Arts at 1087 East Tremont Ave, The Bronx, NYC.


The title of this Technolecture is "A Sincerity Lecture." This Technolecture is concerned only with THE FACTS. This Technolecture is a concentrated effort on my behalf to translate to you through this particular mp3 file THAT WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

For 6 months the "techno-bass-pulse" that is the backbone for
"A Sincerity Lecture" has inhabited my headspace. I oftentimes vocally mimic it when alone and walking around the city: "BRLOCK-BROK-BLOK-BUUP-BOP-BROK-A-BRA-BOC-BRLOCK-BRLOCK." It reminds me of the tonality of bullfrogs but processed within this Technolecture as a recognizable rhythm and thus a much more pleasurable audio experience for the listener who requires a "strange comfort" or an "odd familiarity" or rather an indulgence in the uncanny.

I have been recording and re-recording the primary vocal component to "A Sincerity Lecture" for the last 4 days. Since 11:20am, Thursday May 15th, 2003, I have accumulated 28 different vocal tracks all stored efficiently on a 120gigabyte LaCie firewire drive purchased online through J&R World and delivered to my apartment exactly one week ago tomorrow via Federal Express.

Today at 5:50pm, Sunday May 18th, 2003 I decided that I had to stop recording these different versions of primary vocal tracks and accept THE FACT that I may never be able to "sound" exactly the way I would like to "sound" for you with regards to this particular Technolecture. However please note this is only release version 1.0 of "A Sincerity Lecture."

Much to my surprise the vocal-preamble for the work was recorded in one quick and direct take starting at 6:20pm and ending shortly thereafter at 6:25pm. I engaged in a mix-down process via Cubase that lasted until 9:15pm. The mixdown resulted in an .aiff file which was converted to an .mp3 file and then promptly uploaded at 9:35pm for public reception at


The piece runs at 6 minutes, 55 seconds. It is an 7.9 MB download. I have a 56k dial-up connection and the piece took exactly 15 minutes to upload so 56k users could expect roughly the same amount of time for the download. I imagine if you have a DSL/cable connection or better this will be no problem.

Cary Peppermint
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