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Posted by Andrei Thomaz | Sat May 10th 2003 11:11 a.m.

hello list,

do you know de Whitespace programming language? it's unbelievable...

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All the talk about obfuscation and the appearance of security...
Maybe someone could write a converter from our clear text format to the
Whitespace language...
then it would be really clear. It would give a whole new meaning to this
tread's subject "view source".
Mr. Phillip Sand Hansel II

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it wouldnt matter.. in that case one could simply program a rule to
take that case into considreation

and by moving to an XML based language it actually becomes easier!

short of createVRMLFromUrl('/cgi-bin/foo.pl') or some dynamic build
of the world
and even in that case it is possible if you want it bad enough
through tools like lynx... even though its a text only browser you
can do something like this {psuedo code}

$>lynx --source site.com/cgi-bin/foo.pl>>mysourcedworld.wrl

i hope you realise im not arguing here.. just presenting cases!

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I was referring to delivering the data to the world as requested
and inserting it into the world via createVrmlFromUrl. It does
not make it impossible, just more difficult.

Leonard Daly

At 03:52 PM 5/8/03 -0700, Clayton Cottingham wrote:

> ive scraped pages before for this employer or that
> its not that hard to remove the data from the presentation
> the info from the html
> especailly with regular expressions....say under perl
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> At 11:52 AM 5/8/03 -0700, Clayton Cottingham wrote:
>> from a designers POV this will change from project to
>> project
> Then it's your client's call. It's OK to change as long
> as the [creation and player] tools supportwhat you
> want/need to do.
>> not everyone is extremely worried about security
> Security is just one of the concerns that are necessary
> for running an organization (business, government,
> non-profit, family). The requirements for security need
> to be balanced against those for openness, innovation,
> communication, etc.
>> course there is a lot of news about scraping web
>> pages as of late
>> and the only way to stop that is to bring on the lawyers
> You can limit what you put on your web page. The more
> complex the page the more difficult it is to extract the
> desired information. The security schemes you choose to
> implement need to cost less than if that information is
> available. It needs to cost your competitors more than it
> would to develop or license it from you.
> Leonard Daly
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>> It is important to decide what you need to protect.
>> Any answer is acceptable, because it's based on your
>> business (or security) model. Just realize that the
>> more you decide you need to protect, the more
>> expensive the result.
>> In dealing with the CAD vendors, I was told that
>> their models are the most important IP of their
>> customers. Of course, those same customers said they
>> wanted web (or CD) distribution of those models. It
>> turned out that the CAD models (with detailed curves,
>> dimensions, tolerances, etc.) were what needed
>> protecting. A web-size tessellation of the model was
>> sufficiently coarse that there was no problem with
>> releasing it to their business partners.
>> Data can be retrieved from during the running of the
>> world (e.g. createVrmlFromUrl) that provides
>> additional security. No solution is 100% effective.
>> Getting 80% of the way there is easy. Figure out
>> your cost (or loss of business) if your competitor
>> gets your IP. Don't spend more than that protecting it.
>> Leonard Daly
>> <trimmed up a bit...>

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