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Posted by LoZ from Provisoire | Sun May 4th 2003 9:21 a.m.

Within Norapolis (see below) I announce you the new Logz ready to host your expressions, creations,
moods, ask us for an account, art is not art that if it isn't share! URL:
participate http://www.norapolis.org/logz/cgi/join.php

Within this demonstration I announce also my installation the show of a web page on a screen of 4/3
meter of one of my creations "I can says here whart i want" that you can feed on line with yours
"quotations" here http://provisoire.net/libre, this projection will be held during all the
demonstration inside a church (of the Trinitaires) empty where other exhibitions already took place
(Frac) it will use an access point wifi (without wire) to give the Internet (a first french
experience). more infos abour the artist here http://www.norapolis.org/artiste.php?idmod=4

about Norapolis meeting

Norapolis can be defined as a city of imaginary and digital culture. This ephemeral city will be
implanted over a period of three days (May 5th, 6th & 7th) in a real city, Metz, located in the
east of France, near Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

This international festival of multimedia and design will take place in some of the most beautiful
monuments of Metz and will include:

- Exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, photos, design objects and multimedia installations of
artists using new technologies
- Conferences and debates with professionals of numerical technologies
- Concerts and multimedia performances by DJ's and VJ's

During this first edition, various guests will share their experiences of multimedia and design with
the public

invited: Costa Mario, Auber Olivier, Forest Fred, Couture Charlelie, Maeght Jules, Oriani Gabriel
Henri, Joannes Alain, De la Coste Pierre, Queau Philippe, Talbot Patrick and more.

>> More information on the official website of the Norapolis festival: www.norapolis.org

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