May on -empyre-: Electronic Poetry with Jim Andrews and HazelSmith

Posted by Michael Arnold Mages | Tue Apr 29th 2003 12:43 p.m.

May 2003 on -empyre- soft skinned space:

-empyre- is pleased to welcome two new guests...

Jim Andrews (CA) and Hazel Smith (AU) : Electronic Poetry

Jim Andrews (May 1-15)

has published since 1995. It's the centre of his work as a writer, programmer, critic, visual and audio guy. His work typically focuses on language, drawing it into relation with other media, other arts, and programming. He conceives reading and writing as activities synthetic through media, arts, and programming. His interactive audio work NIO opened on turbulence in 2001

Hazel Smith (May 16-31)

works in the areas of poetry, experimental writing, performance, multi-media work and hypertext, online at
She has published two poetry volumes, the most recent of which is "Keys Round Her Tongue: short prose, poems and performance texts", Soma Publications, 2000. A theorist in literature, performance and hypermedia, she edits InfLect, a multimedia journal that launches this month at


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