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Posted by ruth catlow | Mon Apr 28th 2003 3:15 p.m.

hi jean
we raised a question about audience to curators of net art at the New York
Digital Salon conference this last week. It seemed strange (if perhaps
unsurprising) that the question was hardly considered by the illustrious
panel of gallery and museum curators. Furtherfield would definitely like
give this survey a go in some form.
Another question that we are very interested by is how net users who would
not normally consider themselves to be interested in art, would come across
these works. Would it change their ideas about what art could be and its
relevance to them?

ruth catlow

ps. I intend to write in more detail about our trip to New York but in the
mean time... a massive appreciative and gushy hug to all the people who
read posts to this list and took the trouble to meet up with us. It was

> I'm a french student folowing a master in Cultural Projects
> Management at the university of Paris 1. My current work deals with
> the question of Netart's public. My researches' aim is to answer to
> four questions:
> a. Who are the visitors of art stuff on the web?
> b. How do the public understand these master pieces? How various are
> their interpretations?
> c. How an internet's users manage to reach a master piece on the web?
> d. What does the link used by the user to reach the piece of art in
> his own interpretation?
> I realized a short survey to make visitors answer these questions.
> Christophe Bruno already agree to help me, then when someone reach
> the website <>Google Adwords
> Happening, the survey appear as a pop-up beyond the webpage.
> For my researches, I also need artists interested in my work to their
> visitors answer these questions. It also could help you to get a
> better knowledge of your audience.
> Thank you very much for your help in advance.
> Best regards
> Jean Thevenin
> P.S : sorry for bad english !
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