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Posted by alexandra reill | Fri Apr 18th 2003 11:25 a.m.

borderlining as a contemporary phenomenon
a collaborative online ground

play & participate in SAVE / SAFE on

from may 23, 03 to june 07, 03 SAVE / SAFE will perform in vienna as a
local installation at the art festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING.

apple users, please note: send your texts to & we do
the onlining for you. SAVE / SAFE is designed for PC / IE 6.0 only.

SAVE / SAFE theme & concept:
SAVE / SAFE researches human states-of-being related to the impact of New
Technologies on the perception and self-consciousness of individual
existence. The main figure Anna serves as a 'modern' individual describing
situative experience and personal interpretations of emotionally perceived
situations occurring during her journey through Oceania.

Using the atmosphaeric background of a journey to Oceania - a context of
highly social municipal communities still existing on many of the
geographically isolated Polynesian islands and a westernized New Zealand
having integrated all attitudes of 'modern' life - SAVE / SAFE compares
Anna's individual experience to results of the scientific research of
philosophy, psychology, ethics, sociology and new media theory.

Citations out of technical literature form contemporary conclusions related
to the development of the 3rd industrial revolution and reflect and mirror
Anna's individual perception. Anna is a representative of a majority of
humans not having realized yet the subversive progressing of so-called
post-human conditioning. She still thinks of many components of her self as
personal traits of character while they are a direct expression of
post-human existence strongly being enhanced through the influence of
digital interactivity, thus excessively strengthening logical thinking &
ratio as prioritary approach to life.

* The cultural container representing itself to society today and going to
reign the 21st century ... is characterized by substitutional relations
based on the central involvement with information technology, pursued from
a position of pseudo-autism ... With the decay of inter-personal culture
and the expansion of IT-controlled substitutes of inter-relation only one
mass container is left for and generally accepted by a borderlining
majority: the unavoidable search for the ego and for techniques allowing
the construction of identity. *

* J. Erik Mertz, in: Borderline - weder tot noch lebendig, 2000

Anna tells the story of a journey into the center of her self, embedded in
the story of her journey to the other end of the world. Her central theme
is the nature of ego and non-ego, the relevance of involvement and
interaction, and the meaning of non-attachment.

** What really does authenticity of personal development mean ? Having it
worked through for so many years, it finally emerges - this realization of
a self, leading to autonomy and self-control of authority in the framework
of a society demanding for autonomous responsibility and respecting it.
Which sense though does this authenticity make, if with its final acquiring
its inner character proves to be fluid and transparent, if personal vanity,
ego-profiling and the exertion of authority having become a natural option
prove to be nothing but accessories of again dependent, mechanistic
existence, thus loosing significance completely ? **

** Alexandra Reill, Anna in: SAVE / SAFE, 2002

*** While in the framework of old value systems the individual always has
been subject to communal models, developed themselves by individuals again,
in the context of new orientation amongst other components something like
'altruistic individualism' is emerging.***

*** Ulrich Beck, aus: Kinder der Freiheit, 1998

the SAVE / SAFE platform: a collaborative playground SAVE / SAFE transports
its content through textual content expressing
itself not only via wording but strongly through atmosphere created via
visual design and interactive structure.

The database application SAVE / SAFE is a reading machine mirroring through
its structure contemporary conditioning, thus provoking the user to
consciously read without reading, understand without analyzing, experience
without touching. SAVE / SAFE uses structure not only for the transport of
data - it is a reading automat.

The SAVE / SAFE machine is a communal platform. As much as SAVE / SAFE can
be viewed in a linear way or by individual intuition it lets you use all
material contained to recompose and edit it or to upload newly created
content to your personally created thread of individual views on the themes
of borderlining & post - humanity.

SAVE / SAFE has been developed with the kind support of the Department for
Cultural Affairs, City of Vienna.

PLAY SAVE / SAFE on, non - profit org. for new media
singapur / sydney / new zealand / fiji / western samoa / vienna
2000 - 2003

non - profit org for new media
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