Re: further question on the "rublinda" correspondence

Posted by Charlotte Frost | Thu Apr 10th 2003 5:24 p.m.

> was tortured and killed by a third party?
>'Full fathom five thy father lies
>Of his bones are coral made
>These are pearls that were his eyes.
>Nothing of him that does fade,
>but does suffer a sea change
>Into something rich and strange.
>Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell,
>Hark, now I hear them, ding, dong, bell.'


Full Fathom Five

Old man, you surface seldom.
Then you come in with the tide's
When seas wash cold, foam-

Capped: white hair, white beard,
A dragnet, rising, falling, as waves
Crest and trough. Miles long

Extend the radial sheaves
Of your spread hair, in which
wrinkling skeins
Knotted, caught, survives

The old myth of orgins
Unimaginable. You float near
As kneeled ice-mountains

Of the north, to be steered clear
Of, not fathomed. All obscurity
Starts with a danger:

Your dangers are many. I
Cannot look much but your form
Some strange injury

And seems to die: so vapors
Ravel to clearness on the dawn sea.
The muddy rumors

Of your burial move me
To half-believe: your reappearance
Proves rumors shallow,

For the archaic trenched lines
Of your grained face shed time in
Ages beat like rains

On the unbeaten channels
Of the ocean. Such sage humor
Durance are whirlpools

To make away with the ground-
Work of the earth and the sky's
Waist down, you may wind

One labyrinthine tangle
To root deep among knuckles, shin-
Skulls. Inscrutable,

Below shoulders not once
Seen by any man who kept his head,
You defy questions;

You defy godhood.
I walk dry on your kingdom's border
Exiled to no good.

Your shelled bed I remember.
Father, this thick air is murderous.
I would breathe water.

Sylvia Plath

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